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Last night we arrived in Gran Canaria on the Canary Islands. It was so wonderful to wake up this morning to the shining sun! I strapped my sneakers on and headed on out. Thinking it would be a much harder workout than it really was. It took about fifteen minutes from the bottom to the top.. But hey, I’m no sporty Spice, so that worked out in my favour. But even though the walk was short (but hot..) was the view breathtaking!

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So if you’re ever staying in Puerto Rico, Arguineguin or Anfi Del Mar, you should definetly try climbing up here. There are many roads up to, some more complicated than others. So, whatever floats your boat!

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So, it’s a quiet saturday evening. Me and C are sitting on the couch glansing at the ceiling. “Let’s do something crazy” he tells me. I could not think of a single thing that wouldn’t cost a fortune, so I say “lets find a map of Europe, put on a blindfold and randomly put the finger on the map. But instead of going there, we talk about what we would have done if we went there. So he found a map, I put on my blindfold and pointed. My finger landed on the north side of Poland. So we talked about going to Gdansk, and before I even knew it we were checking out air plane tickets. They were so cheap that we just looked at each other and thought; lets go! The next day we suddenly ordered our trip to Poland!

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This is something I’ve always wanted to do! And tonight, on the 29th of February – a bonus day, we are going on a 5 day’s adventure to a country I’ve never visited. I’m so excited! If you have any tips regarding Gdansk, Gdynia or Sopot I would love to hear them!

When I am staying in Oslo it’s important to me that the hotel has a central location, it’s quiet and you don’t have to follow the clock slavishly to get something to eat. So in that matter I have to tell you about this hotel thay I stayed at the last time I visited Oslo. Hotel Bastion is located in Skippergata, and it took me pretty exactly four minutes to walk to Karl Johan, and six minutes to Jernbanetorget. Wich we can all agree is quite central.

I loved the decoration in the hotel, it felt really cozy but also dignified.


The breakfast was a chapter of its own! I almost never feel like a hotel has “everything”, but they actually did. Pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, salmon, fruit.. You name it. They also serve supper and you can make yourself some pancakes in the middle of the day if you need to. Free, ofcourse.


Thank you so much for the fantastic stay, Oslo ♥



Personally – I like to take the cheapest option, wich in my case is Norwegian from Gardermoen. SAS and Ryanair also have direct flights from Oslo. From Gardermoen it’s about a two hour flight, wich is quite a comfortable flight.  A lot of airlines often have discounts to destinations like London, so if you look around a little bit, you might get a bargain!


I’ve slept from hostels in Hackney to superfancy hotels near by Liverpool Street. The last mentioned is ofcourse what i recommend. But honestly – the english people are so friendly, I did not feel like the crap hotel I expected to find for the price that I paid. There are so many hotels in London, it’s easier to find something if you know what you’re looking for. Posh or budget? Near Oxford Street or perhaps Soho? The options are endless. I once stayed at The Montalm Hotel at The Brewery, and it was absolutely amazing. Recommended! PS: For my norwegian readers I would recommend you to try searching for hotels at


FROM THE AIRPORT: If you land in Gatwick, you may take the express train from Gatwick to Victoria Station. It’s approximately a half hour, and the trains leave the station about ever fifteen minutes. A tip is to buy your ticket online a couple of days before, that way you save money and time.

OYSTER CARD: A must-have whilst visiting London. This card applies to the underground and the buses, og since the public transport is exquisite in London, it’s super easy to navigate around town.

TAXI: If you’re beat from the days shopping, walking and all the sights, it might be heaven just to get in a taxi to get your tired ass home. It costs, but it is absolutely cheaper than taxi’s in for instance Norway. If you are a group of girls (or maybe you’re traveling solo?) out on the town in the late night hours and looking for a taxi, it might be a good idea to scout for some pink taxi’s. These are so called “Pink Ladies”, a taxi comapany with only female drivers who only let female pasengers on. This is so both the driver and the pasengers can feel safe.


OXFORD STREET: This is where you find many of the must-drop-by shops in London. The shops are open here all week, and until late. Here you will find Primark, Topshop, Miss Selfridges, River Island, Urban Outfitters, Bershka, New Look, Nike Town, Pull&Bear and many, many, maaany more.

REGENT STREET: Here you will also find known brands like Zara and H&M. The street is right next to Oxford Street, but if you’re lucky, there might be a lot less people roaming around here.

NEW BOND STREET: Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Gucci lies here. And last but not least; Victorias Secret!

MALLS: Harrdod’s in a mall most people have heard about. You will find it in Knightsbridge and it’s a beautiful sight around christmas. I was there in November and it took my breath away. Selfridges is also and exclusive warehouse in London where they sell brands like Alexander Wang and Isabel Marant. Westfield is a brand new mall with regular stores like Accessorize, Diesel and Gap.

MARKETS: London is bursting with greats markets! Camden is a market that sells both clothing, purses, shoes and it’s know for it’s leather goods. They are open Monday – Sunday 09:00 – 18:00. The nearest underground station is Camden Town.

Spitafields Marked is a market where young designers show off their creations. This place is perfect on rainy days because it’s located indoors. Open Sunday 10:00 – 16:00. The nearest underground station is Liverpool Street Station.

Portobello Road Marked has both vintage and new designer goods. These have differend opening hours every day, so you should check this before hand. The nearest underground station is Notting Hill Gate.

VINTAGE: Radio Days (w/ Waterloo Station), Beyond Retro (w/ Newington Road), Absolute Vintage (w/ Hanbury street) and Blondie (w/ Commercial Street) are probarbly the most known vintage and second hand shops in London.

DRUGSTORES: They have so much cool stuff, at amazing prices. When you’re in London you should drop by Boots. They have so many cool and cheap makeup brands!


ENGLISH BREAKFAST: Is a must-have whilst traveling to London. Usually consisting eggs, bacon, beans and toast. Fresh orange juice is mandatory, There are many great breakfast places in London, but I absolutely love this tired cafè in Liverpool Street Station called Ponti’s. Even though the place looks a bit shabby they have the best breakfast in history.

HARD ROCK CAFÈ: Yes, a tourist trap. But they have killer burgers, beer and awesome music. But did you know that the Hard Rock in London was actually the first one? The restaurant is at Hyde Park Corner.

ALL BAR ONE: A chain of restaurants througout the Great Britian that serves really good food. Was especially impressed by their lunch. That chicken enchildas though!

PUB CRAWLING: A must in London! Find yourself a nice looking bar street and visit every bar. Just remember that in England you get yourself a pint right after work, so the bar’s close around midnight. Not like in Norway to put it in other words. English pubs often have a great atmosphere on friday afternoon.

DARE TO MOVE AWAY FROM THE TOURIST TRAPS. In my experience your gut will often tell you if this is an OK place to eat or not. Personally I’ve never gotten bad food out in London. If you are unsure about a place, chek them out at Tripadvisor.


MUSICAL: If you are in London, you have to see atleast one. I’m not a huge fan of musicals, but I have seen We Will Rock You whilst in London and I thought it was OK and kind of a fun experience. Mostly because I’m a huge Queen-fan. But there are so many musicals to see, and you can buy tickets in almost every corner.

HOP ON – HOP OFF. Great way to see the city! You also get a better view of the city, and some fun facts (and man, do I love fun facts.)

THAMES TOUR: One thing i would really recommend is to buy your bus tickets with a Thames Tour included. Soo cool seeing the city from the river, and I learned a lot of cool facts about London’s bridges and buildings.

BIG BEN, TOWER OF LONDON, BUCKINHAM PALACE, HOUSE OF PARLAMENT, TRAFALGAR SQUARE, LONDON BRIDGE ETC: Are ofcourse also a must-see here. I’ve hear that London Tower Experience is amazing, but the last time I visited there was miles of queue. London is packed with spectaculair buildings and breathtaking statues.

PARKS: London has a variety of beautiful parks, including Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace park and St. James Park. Perfect to lie in the shadows on hot summer days when you need a break.

MUSEUMS: There are so many cool museums here! My personal favorite is the Natural History Museum. You are sure to find a museum that appeals to you.



COURTESY: The british people appericiate courtesy and order. If you bump into someone on the streets you simply say “I’m sorry”. And you may also get a long way just by saying “Sir” og “Ma’am. Say thank you and you’re welcome! Wait until the people on the undergrounds have gone off before you go in. Follow the signs when it says “walk left, stand right.”

CHEAP SHOPPING: Personally I don’t think clothing and shoes are so much cheaper than standard shops here in Norway, except from Primark ofcourse. So some money before you visit, they won’t stay in your pocket for long!


TAX-FREE SHOPPING: Ask for the Tax Free scheme in the shops. Some will give you a mile-long receipt and some places you will need your passport. You can acutally save a lot of money on this!